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DOST-PNRI and UPLB-NCPC-developed plant growth promoter guarantees improved rice production for farmers

Rice farmers can now anticipate a better cropping season with the help of a plant growth promoter that enhances plant health and increases overall crop yield.

Using safe levels of radiation technology, scientists at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-PNRI), in cooperation with the National Crop Protection Center (NCPC) of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), modified carrageenan from red edible seaweeds and developed them into a plant growth promoter (PGP). The Carrageenan PGP, which contains high levels of essential nutrients for growing crops, is a breakthrough in farming technology that guarantees improved rice production. 

Rice farmers who already used Carrageenan PGP had observed increased crop yield, improved crop health, and increased pest and disease resistance.

While Carrageenan PGP is being promoted for rice production, it is also being tested with other crops such as corn, sugarcane, banana, peanut, mungbean, and leafy vegetables. Results showed that use of carrageenan PGP in peanut and mungbean, increased their yields by 40% and 35%, respectively.

How to use Carrageenan PGP?

  1. For best result from Carrageenan PGP, farmers are expected to perform quality farming practices i.e., soil testing, choosing the right rice variety, and land preparation, prior to the application of fertilizer solution.

  2. Fill a 16-L knapsack sprayer with a mixture of water and 300 mL of Carrageenan PGP and mix properly.

  3. Apply uniformly the Carrageenan PGP three times per farming season, once at each of the following growth stages: 1) early vegetative; 2) maximum tillering to panicle initiation; and 3) before the flowering stage.

The timeline of the rice growth stages differs according to planting method. As a guide, here is the proper application timing based on the planting method:

Application Stage/Growth Stage

Direct Seeding MethodTransplanting Method

1. Early vegetative 

20-25 days after seeding
12-25 days after transplanting

2. Maximum tillering to panicle initiation

40-45 days after seeding
30-35 days after transplanting

3. Before flowering stage

60-65 days after seeding
45-50 days after transplanting