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DOST-PCAARRD features floating glass eel feed, hosts CCAARRD at 2024 Caraga RSTW

DOST-PCAARRD features floating glass eel feed, hosts CCAARRD at 2024 Caraga RSTW

The UPV and DOST-PCAARRD delegation manned the exhibit led by Project Leader Fredson Huervana (third from left). (Image credit: Fedelia Flor C. Mero, IARRD, DOST-PCAARRD

The floating glass eel feed, developed by the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), was showcased at the exhibition during the recent 2024 Caraga Regional Science, Technology, and Innovation Week (RSTW). Held at Robinsons Place Butuan, the event was organized by DOST Caraga.

The floating glass eel feed was formulated to satisfy the dietary needs of growing glass eels. Practical feed ingredients that were locally available were used to develop the feed, making it more accessible and adaptable to the growers. 

Likewise, the feed decreases reliance on live plankton and fish meat feed susceptible to infectious pathogens.

The feed is a product of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-PCAARRD)-funded and monitored project, “Development of brackishwater nursery culture systems for tropical anguillid eel Anguilla marmorata in the Philippines.”

Jars of fish paste mash and crumble on display. (Image credit: Fedelia Flor C. Melo, IARRD, DOST-PCAARRD)

Notably, the culture of eels is a billion-dollar industry with the Philippines as one of the major exporters of A. bicolor pacifica and A. marmorata.

The Council also hosted the Caraga Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development’s (CCAARRD) participation in the event.

CCAARRD, touted as “PCAARRD in the Caraga Region,” highlighted their consortium member institutions’ S&T undertakings. Among these was the Caraga black native chicken of the Department of Agriculture in Caraga and Caraga State University in Butuan City. 

DOST-PCAARRD also funded the project on the Caraga black chicken, which is expected to produce a breeding true-to-type population of this chicken. 

The Caraga black native chicken or ‘Patani’ is the only breed of native chicken in the country with a high level of black pigmentation on its skin, shaft, plumage, and bone and grayish meat. 

Anguilla marmorata shown at the booth. (Image credit: Kelee Ira Nodque, UPV)

RSTW is the localized celebration of National Science and Technology Week. It serves as an avenue to highlight the critical importance of science, technology, and innovation in society.