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Cordillera Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic and Resources Research and Development (CorCAARRD) 

Establishment and Membership 

It started as Highland Agricultural Research Center (HARC) on November 17, 1978 under the Leadership of Dr. William D. Dar. 

It was established with the mandate to help improve Agriculture and Aquatic productivity and to enhance Natural Resources development in the Cordillera Administrative Region. 

Formally became a Consortium in 1980 through a Memorandum of Agreement among the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD), Benguet State University (BSU) and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA). 

In 2018, the Consortium became Cordillera Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Resources Research and Development (CorCAARRD). The change of name now gives prominence to the Cordillera Administrative Region, emphasizing on the geographic premise of the Consortium.

Based at BSU, it is one of the 15 National R&D Consortia that is organized and substantially supported by DOST-PCAARRD.

DOST-PCAARRD established the consortia mechanism to have regional venue for planning, evaluating, and sharing resources among RDE agencies in the region, to achieve the development of Aquatic, Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

Primarily, CorCAARRD provides a mechanism to coordinate and monitor the Research and Development and Extension programs and projects of all 20 Consortium Member Institutions (11 R&D Implementing Agencies and 9 Non R&D Implementing Agencies.


A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED CONSORTIUM of diverse and competent institutions embodying excellent leadership in sustainable Research, Development and Extension programs on Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources for resilient and globally competitive communities by 2022. 


  • Plan and orchestrate CMIs’ and clients’ priorities to be a relevant and responsive Consortium providing the conditions necessary for partners to engage in diverse roles and functions towards the upliftment of our clients.
  • Enable and nurture committed partners to be competent by collaborating and sharing of resources in implementing responsive RDE activities.
  • Deliver enriched appropriate skills, information, knowledge, and technologies to bring about productive and resilient landscape beneficial to communities.


  • Collaborate with other government agencies to plan, implement, and monitor Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources RDE programs and policies;
  • Package significant information and appropriate technologies and provide mechanism for their utilization; and 
  • Undertake RDE Capability-Building activities for the CMIs. 


  • Preparation of comprehensive strategic consortium plan to guide five-year operation of the CorCAARRD .
  • Creation of conductive climate to enable CMIs to engage in diverse roles and functions relevant to the upliftment of clienteles’ live. 
  • Excellent service delivery of appropriate knowledge, information and technology.
  • Vulnerable communities made productive through the utilization of Research and Technology packaged in various media. 
  • Competent and committed consortium member institutions in undertaking RDE services. 
  • Effective and efficient consortium member institution strongly collaborating the areas of Research and Development, knowledge management, R&D commercialization and utilization, capacity building and resource generation.