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PCAARRD reviewed Coffee, PGR, and Veggie Programs In a back to back activity held on October 7–8, PCAARRD conducted a program review on coffee, plant genetic resources (PGR), and vegetables at the Council’s Headquarters.
PCAARRD conducts training workshop on mango for farmers of Pulilan, Bulacan LOS BAÑOS, Laguna, Philippines – After rice, mango is one of the main sources of income in Pulilan. However, due to the infestation of cecid fly and mango twig borers in mango farms in Bulacan and Central Luzon, Pulileños have to bear the burden of 70-100% loss in yield, leaving them in debt and without a form of livelihood.
Aerobic Rice Production System Development Project Conducted A group of researchers implemented a development project on Aerobic Rice Technology (ART).
Fisherfolk burdened by sardines closed season eye on alternative livelihood ZAMBOANGA CITY-About 50 fisherfolk attended the forum on alternative livelihood assistance held at the Executive Hall of the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) during the Sardine Fiesta held recently. 

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PCAARRD Industry Strategic S&T Program

Describes the targets for each industry and pinpoints the aspects of the industry where S&T will make a difference.  | video

The TechnoGabay Program

Develops modalities for delivering information and technology services in agriculture, forestry and natural resources sectors  | video


The PCAARRD TechnoMart

Promotes products for the agribusiness industry and ensure their marketability through standards and regulations conformance  | video


The Phil. S&T Agenda on Climate Change

Sustains the productivity and competitiveness of the AFNR sectors in the midst of climate change  | video


Swine Respiratory Project

Aims to improve the investigation, diagnosis and technical support for the control of respiratory diseases of pigs in the Philippine swine industry  | video


ASEAN-ROK Cooperative Programme

Aims to establish/assess the state of the art of the three identified areas for collaboration in the ASEAN region.  | video

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