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Somatic embryogenesis, a promising technology to mass propagate coconut A promising technology in coconut mass propagation is currently being tested and evaluated in the country by a group of researchers from the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), University of the Philippines (UP), Bicol University (BU), and Visayas State University (VSU).
Saving endangered and endemic ferns The forest ecosystem is naturally high in biodiversity. However, when locals clear forests to build homes and convert them to agricultural land for high-value crops, many life forms are lost forever while others become endangered. Unlike animals, plants are basically defenseless when people begin stripping the natural plant cover and transform them into farms. The same fate happens to ferns or pteridophytes.
Innovative S&T applied to increase wood yield and improve quality The Philippines has yet to establish large-scale tree plantations with high wood productivity and high quality. In 2013, local log production was only pegged at 1.2 million cubic meters, a significantly lower figure compared in the 70s, when log production sourced from natural forests exceeded 10 million cubic meters annually. 
Raising ornamental bamboo for livelihood Bending towards farmers success. Other than being a grass, there are other unknown facts about bamboo. For example, not many have heard of its use as embellishments in landscaping. Using bamboo as an ornamental plant is only a secondary consideration among Filipino bamboo farmers unlike in Japan, China, and other Asian countries, until recently when enterprise owners noticed the beauty of the humble plant. 

News Stories

  • Bamboo: Today’s alternative to timber
    Bending towards farmers' success. The Philippines is fortunate to have bamboo growing abundantly almost everywhere. While this plant is available outright in every community, science and technology can further enhance the growth performance and ensure the sustainability of supply of this material, which...
  • Diagnosing Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) in Minutes
    Almost half of the pre-weaner pigs suddenly excrete yellowish watery diarrhea. The same alarming picture can be seen in neighboring pens, wherein almost seven out of 10 piglets in a litter die. “What infection has caused this unsightly scene to my farm?” a farmer thought while recalling the events...
  • PCAARRD draws students’ participation to NSTW through “Likhang SIPAG”
    The Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology heightens its participation to the National Science and Technology Week 2015 as it involves secondary students to its poster and painting contest.
  • Soft-shell crab production using hatchery-produced seedstock
    “Sa alimango, kikita tayo”. Soft-shell crab farming is a profitable business providing employment and dollar income, hence the increasing interest of farmers and aquaculturists to engage in the said farming activity. In Asia, commercial soft-shell crab production has been established in Thailand,...
  • Improved abaca varieties towards better production
    Abaca: Weaving more opportunities into farmers’ lives. Abaca, known worldwide as Manila Hemp, is an economically important crop indigenous to the Philippines.  It is the lifeblood of more than 200,000 farming families from 56 abaca growing provinces in the country. Abaca is also a top export commodity...

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