In line with the initiatives to upgrade the capability of the staff, scholarship grants have been continuously given to those holders of a permanent position in any NAARRDS (National Agriculture, Aquatic and Resources Research and Development) member agency through the PCARRD Human Resource Development Program.

For the school year 2008-2009, the PCARRD scholarship grant for the Degree Program is not accepting new applicants. However, the Science Education Institute (SEI) Accelerated Science Technology Human Resource Development Program is still accepting applicants for the MS/PhD program, and thesis/dissertation Grant Support for R&D priority areas of DOST, until March 31, 2008. More information is available in the brochure. The Application Form is available here.

The PCARRD Human Resource Development Program offers the following modalities:

  1. Degree Masters in Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  2. Non-Degree Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Study Tours (Local and Abroad)
  3. Thesis Assistance Program
  4. Re-Entry Program for Returning Scholars
  5. Post Doctorate Fellowship Program

Call for application starts November through the different consortia while endorsement of application by the Consortium Director is in January.


Still part of upgrading human resources and updating knowledge in various fields, trainings such as resource generation, mobilization, networking and linkaging, supply chain management, technology assessment protocol, human resource planning and others are conducted.

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