"Facilitating the sourcing, building-up, delivery and exchange of information on agroforestry to support the sustainable development of natural resources."

The Agroforestry Information Network is a computer-based data bank that serves as a repository of knowledge/information about the commodity. This will serve as an important development tool in enhancing the dissemination of available information/technologies generated from various R&D activities. It will also support, interconnect and share information and information facilities among sectors with common interests.

About the AfIN

Various research and development (R&D) activities on agroforestry have been implemented and are being conducted by the government and non-government organizations. While substantial data and information on agroforestry were generated through the years, most of these remain unconsolidated and largely unexplored. Primarily, because they have not been effectively and widely disseminated to the public/end-users.

With the growing global concern and advances in Information, Communication and Technology, many are willing to share and facilitate transfer of information regarding this commodity. Thus, a mechanism for consolidating, coordinating and supporting strategic and adaptive R&D information network on agroforestry is envisioned.

The main objectives of the network are:

  • to serve as a focal point to various information on agroforestry
  • to facilitate the sourcing, building-up, delivery and exchange of information on agroforestry to support the sustainable development of natural resources, and
  • to promote agroforestry development strategies to interested individuals who have access to the internet.

Did You Know?

Agroforestry is a land-use management system that combines the production of trees with agricultural crops, animals and/or other resources in the same area. It aims to increase or sustain productivity while maintaining ecological stability. It also hopes to increase income for improved quality of life.


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